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 Forum Rules Please Read Before Posting

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PostSubject: Forum Rules Please Read Before Posting   Fri Aug 17, 2007 1:54 pm

Forum Rules
By creating a username on this site and by posting from this moment on, you agree to the forum rules set forth below.


The administrators and moderators of this site have no tolerance for flames. Any post deemed to be a flame post by a moderator will be removed at their discretion. Moderators actions are not subject to review and in no way is a moderator required to provide a reason why something was edited.


This forum utilizes a profanity filter. Do not attempt to circumvent this filter by using symbols, characters, etc. This includes such things as a$$ and the like.

Problems with other users:

If you have a problem with another user, that is what the private message system is for. Do not in any way criticize another member in the open forums. Like flaming, there is a zero tolerance policy on this.

Other Clans:

Do not in any way insult another clan. Calling another clan derogatory names will result in a temporary ban from the site.


Violating any of the above rules will result in a punishment. Flaming and non constructive criticism will result in an immediate ban from the site. This ban will last 3 days. If there are any subsequent violations the ban will be permanent.


You will notice an account called AntiHack. This is a piece of free software I found that will prevent hackers from doing anything they shouldn't in the site. If they attempt anything, the IP is PM'd to one of the other Admin accounts.

If you have any concerns about hacking, spies, etc please PM an Admin or a Moderator.
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Forum Rules Please Read Before Posting
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